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About Secondhand Stone Designs

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My name is Hailey. 

I've been totally obsessed with earrings made of all-natural materials since my teenage years.

Personal earrings collection

I have had the great fortune to travel, buying beads and jewellery in dozens of places to wear and to reuse, making them into the pieces on offer here. I've been given many old beads from friends and family, bought old necklaces at thrift stores to break apart and recycled my own.  The semi-precious stones I have sourced from an eco-friendly and Fair Trade stone supplier.  Eventually, I'd like to make my one-of-a-kind ear art with primarily my own hand-made beads, created from upcycled materials.

Inspired by materials from around the world

I believe strongly in service above self, at the personal level, and corporate social responsibility for entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes.  Currently, a portion of your purchase will go towards a worthy social or environmental cause. 

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